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Contact Information:

​Phone: 712-644-2220 ext. 212

Job Title: Senior Medical Billing Specialist

Stacy Salter

History: Stacy started with Harrison County Homemaker Agency in 2011 as a CNA/Home Health Aide and then in 2014 she moved into the role of the Office Manager. In 2019 when Harrison County Homemaker Agency merged with Harrison County Home & Public Health, Stacy worked on Administrative duties for the Homemaker Agency until both agencies were finally in the same building in December 2021. In 2022 Stacy took on a new role as Senior Medical Billing Specialist. Stacy is FEMA/NIMS certified and trained in emergency preparedness and response, is CPR/AED certified, holds a certification with Mental Health First Aid. Stacy has also attended Iowa Western Community College for Graphic Arts and Design.

Programs and Departments:

  • Billing Department
  • FEMA/NIMS Emergency Preparedness
  • ​Website Design