Harrison County Home & Public Health

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Harrison County Emergency Management has implemented an online based mass notification system powered by Everbridge. Users can sign up with this system to receive text, email or voice notifications related to specific events.

Currently, the system is set up with the basics, but may be updated as the need for new types of notifications evolves. 

Click on the link below to sign up and receive notifications

Emergency Preparedness

Southwest Iowa Preparedness Partners (SWIPP) and Harrison County emergency preparedness partners (Harrison County Emergency Management, CHI Missouri Valley, Harrison County Fire & Rescue Association, and Harrison County Home & Public Health) work in partnership in planning and preparing for emergencies including natural disasters, bioterrorism, mass radiological exposure and infectious disease outbreaks like a flu epidemic.

Our primary role in emergency preparedness is to dispense medications. For example, in the case of a flu epidemic, such as H1N1, we would be in charge of distributing mass vaccinations to our county's residents.  We also play other roles to assist our partners when dispensing isn't a major need as when we assisted in the emergency response at the Little Sioux Scout Ranch tornado in 2008.

We are currently in the beginning steps of creating a volunteer list. Anyone interested in learning ways to get involved in the event of an emergency should contact us. 712-644-2220