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The Harrison County Board of Health (BOH) is the governing board in the county for public health and is required to meet at least 6 times annually (as of 7/1/2011). The BOH establish the framework for public health. They provide local public health vision, mission, and advocacy and encourage community involvement in selecting public health priorities.

The BOH: Enforce state health laws and the rules and lawful orders of the state department; Make and enforce such reasonable rules and regulations not inconsistent with law, the rules of the state board, or the Iowa public health standards as may be necessary for the protection and improvement of the public health; Employ persons as necessary for the efficient discharge of its duties.

Christy Jackson, ARNP - Chairperson
Nathaniel Alvis, DO- Vice Chair
Nicole Carritt
Melanie Freund
Jenna Corrin

Larry Oliver

Katie Ludwig

Board of Health