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Diaper Bank

"No Child Wet Behind"

Harrison County Home & Public Health Dept. is proud to join the National Diaper Bank Network in efforts to keep our children safe and healthy! We understand that one in three American families struggle to provide their child with diapers, a basic necessity. Also, food assistance programs focus primarily on food and nutrition and do not have the resources to provide diapers. Babies kept in dirty diapers for extended periods of time suffer physically and emotionally. The Harrison County Diaper Bank is open to Harrison County residents free-of-charge. A variety of sizes are available, but due to supply cannot be guaranteed. No daycares or daycare providers are eligible.

To ensure that someone is available to help you, please call 712-644-2220 prior to picking-up diapers.

For anyone wishing to donate diapers, please feel free to call or drop-off diapers at Harrison County Home & Public Health office.