Planning & Zoning

Zoning Information

Zoning information about a property may be obtained from the Planning and  

Zoning Department. Information provided includes the zoning of a property, building setbacks, and subdivision regulations. All rural land inquiries should be made to the Planning and Zoning Department. A legal description or plat of survey must be submitted and the area identified on a digital photo. 

The Zoning Administrator will make a determination, under the rules of the Harrison County, Iowa Zoning Ordinance. The Harrison County, Iowa Zoning Ordinance was adopted in February 1996 and provides the rules and procedures for zoning and building in Harrison County.

All changes in current zoning are made by the Planning and Zoning Board.

Zoning Commission

The Zoning Administrator acts as chief advisor for the Zoning Commission. 

The Zoning Commission is responsible for changes in the current zoning regulations. The Commission serves in an advisory role to the Board, reviewing and making recommendations on implementation and updating the Harrison County Zoning Ordinance. This includes the zoning and rezoning or land and applications for subdivisions. The Harrison County Board of Supervisors can overturn a decision made by the Zoning Commission. Commission members are made up of five citizens appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Members serve 5 year terms and the majority live in the unincorporated areas of the county.


Current Zoning Commission Members

Craig Kelley, Richard McIntosh, Wanda Moores, Carol Farley and Kim Reisz


E911 Rural Addressing

The Planning & Zoning Department is responsible for determining new E911 addresses for those properties in unincorporated areas of Harrison County. 

These addresses are based upon an “addressing grid” developed for the entire county when the Emergency 911 Addressing went into effect.  You must have an address assigned to receive telephone and other services.


Flood Plain Districts

The Planning & Zoning Department has flood plain maps for the entire county.  These maps are published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program and are used to rate property in flood prone areas.  This information is used to assess a property’s value and to assist in properly zoning the area. These maps area available for reference only and are not for distribution.

Certain areas in Harrison County have been zoned as Floodplain Districts (F-1).  The F-1 district is designed and intended to be applied by the County to properties which lie within areas where special regulations are necessary in order to minimize the danger to life and property which results from flood waters.
These regulations are further intended to protect the floodplain from encroachments or developments which would obstruct, contain, or divert the passage of flood waters.

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